1 Fucking Problems

You can’t fix the problems you’re not aware of!

1 The first problem we’re trying to solve is the lack of your skills or ability to be social an get a woman. Please don’t get butt hurt just yet, we’re actually getting somewhere with this.

2 The second problem being that your dad, uncle or community did not prepare you for what ALL OF THEM KNEW You would encounter and have to deal with.

3 The third problem we’re trying to solve has multiple parts. It is the fact that you (like many others) feel like you have to figure it out all alone. Most are being forced to do so because they have nothing (money) to offer the marketplace in exchange for the goods you desire.

4 The assholes who see this and take advantage of you. You’re frustrated and have killer needs, and therefor you give in, because surely they know better

5 Our Society keeps changing the conversation, moving the goal post, and therefore denying You, We, Us, the education required to grow into a Emotionally Stable, Mentally sharp & driven, Physically able, and Socially acceptable Masculine Man.

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